The Benefits Of Routinely Cleaning Condenser Coils

The vast majority of self-contained condenser coils now in service are not cleaned under existing preventative maintenance protocols: they are allowed to run dirty.

Coils need cleaning at least quarterly for: (a) reduced electrical usage; (b) reduced service calls; and (c) prolonged equipment life. Dirty coils are the main reason for service calls. With routine quarterly maintenance, operators have virtually no breakdowns.


One refrigeration expert recently stated, “Eighty percent of operators do nothing, no maintenance, ever. Maybe 20 percent do some, but not enough”.

Exemplary yearly savings per unit if the coils are clean: Electric energy savings of from $220 to $625, depending on the type and size of unit (or from about 46 percent to 50 percent electric savings).

Compressed air is needed to quickly and effectively remove deeply deposited dirt/debris inside the coil’s structure.


Source: FacilitiesNet

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