Florida’s Chief Financial Officer Warns Solar Panels Can Worsen Insurance Costs

Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis warned of potential increased home insurance costs and pitfalls for some surrounding an increase in solar panel installation prevalence.

“I’m concerned policy promoting putting solar on roofs makes homes MORE vulnerable to storms, impacting premiums,” Patronis said on social media. “The Governor and Legislature are doing amazing work calming Florida’s insurance market. We need to scrutinize things that make homes more vulnerable – like solar.”

Patronis also highlighted in a press release some of the “serious red flags” that consumers need to be aware of when purchasing solar panels.

“In the Florida market, there are only certain insurance companies that cover homes with solar panels, limiting the options of these households right off the bat,” Patronis said. “Reports show that these homeowners could also see higher premiums over time, due to a need for specialized coverage, or for the replacement of a solar panel because they are outside and are more vulnerable to the elements.”

Patronis’ office explained how many states have implemented incentives for residents to install solar panels on their homes. The push has resulted in a 1,106% increase in residential solar panel installations across the country.

“Aside from insurance, the weight of a solar panel could potentially cause structural damage to your roof over time and cause complications when you decide to sell your home,” Patronis continued. “If you already have solar panels, it’s recommended to have a professional roof inspection every few years to ensure that the integrity of your roof is not being impacted. Every Floridian should do their research, inform themselves on all aspects of these products, and be aware of the potential pitfalls of solar panels so you can decide what’s best for your biggest investment – your home.”

The office advised Floridians to do their research and make sure that if they install solar panels, they know if the panels are covered by insurance and how it would effect their premiums. Additionally, the office emphasized the importance of getting the right panels for your roof, as well as what your responsibilities are in regards to the panels if you choose to ultimately sell your house.

Progressive activist and former state lawmaker Carlos Guillermo Smith pushed back on Patronis’ arguments on social media, mocking the chief financial officer’s position.

“The elected ‘CFO’ of the Sunshine State is now openly opposing to solar energy while making absolutely no sense,” Smith said. “I wonder why he would want to keep Florida dependent on fossil fuels. What’s his motive?”

One instance of solar coming in handy during natural disasters is Babcock Ranch, a solar powered planned community in southwestern Florida. One report detailed how the community purportedly never lost power, or at least had minimal issues, even during the extremely destructive Hurricane Ian that destroyed several parts of southwestern Florida in 2022. The community is located slightly north of Fort Myers.


Source: Florida’s Voice