Why use ECS to cut expenses and possibly recover funds from overpayment?

ECS uses proprietary software in order to analyze your bills and CEO Michael Lefkowitz personally reviews each contract and file. Our staff is specially trained to review vendor invoices and, in most cases, a site inspection is conducted under the supervision of your chief engineer. The knowledge,experience and computer analysis we perform cannot be replicated by in-house personnel.

I think we are overpaying for our utilities, can ECS help?

Yes. That is our specialty. We look for past overpayment of utilities and other billing errors. We also search for vendors who will offer you optimal rates in the future.

How I to get started saving money?

Simply provide ECS with 3 months of past bills for each utility covered by the service agreement.

How much time will it take to realize savings?

Once we have the past bills and vendor contracts, it is only a matter of weeks before our analysis is complete. At that time a second meeting will take place in order to present our findings and your potential cost reductions. Once you approve any necessary changes, the savings begin!

What is expected of our employees?

All we need is for your company to present us with bills from the past 6-18months, as well as copies of all vendor contracts. After that, ECS does all the work. We will also ask your chief engineer to escort our personnel on a field audit.

What kind of clients does ECS serve?

Our clients represent a vast range of industries; hospitals, universities, government agencies, hotels, condominiums, multi-family apartments, office buildings, and manufacturing plants. We will work with any company that has invoices of at least $400 per month in commercial expenses per service area of interest. 

What if I have multiple locations spread across several states?

We frequently handle multiple locations for our clients and many of them are spread nationwide. ECS currently has representatives in Miami, Baltimore, New York and Arizona. In addition, ECS is affiliated with service companies across the nation. No job is too large.

Are your services truly objective?

We are an independent cost recovery and vendor contract management firm. We work with many different vendors to find the lowest cost for your business while maintaining your standard of service. We represent you as our client, not any vendor.