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The elected CFO of the Sunshine State recently highlighted some of the “serious red flags” that consumers need to be aware of when purchasing solar panels. Patronis explained that reports show homeowners could see higher premiums over time, due to a need for specialized coverage, or for the replacement of a solar panel.

During the first quarter of the year, FPL put into service 1,640 megawatts of new solar power that put its solar portfolio at over 6,400 megawatts, making it the largest utility-owned solar portfolio in the country. The company also plans to increase its solar mix from approximately 6% of total generation in 2023 to 38% in 2033.

A seemingly insignificant decision in an arcane corner of Wall Street rippled out to the real world. A new label for a set of utility bonds spurred a fight with state utility regulators and crept into home electricity bills.

An obvious benefit of smart lighting is energy efficiency. Integrated occupancy/vacancy sensing and daylighting technology automatically adjust light levels based on occupancy, available daylight, and scheduling to help reduce both energy consumption and electricity costs. Smart lighting can also improve occupant wellbeing and productivity of employees and building occupants.