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Newly introduced legislation proposes tweaking the structure of Florida’s Public Service Commission. The bill would allow the PSC to operate year-over-year without seeking re-approval each fiscal year and removes a check on PSC rulemaking.

Florida utility customers could get some relief in 2024. The three major private electric utilities — Florida Power & Light, Duke Energy Florida and Tampa Electric Co. — plan to lower customer bills,

A $7 billion grant “competition” to promote clean energy in disadvantaged communities by providing low-income households with access to affordable solar energy was introduced by President Joe Biden earlier this year, but none of that money will reach Florida households. Gov. Ron DeSantis decided to pass on the $400 million up for grabs by choosing to opt out of the opportunity.

With climate change threats looming, coupled with rising operational expenses, professionals are adapting by embracing innovative sustainability strategies. By implementing innovative sustainability strategies and practices, real estate professionals can combat climate change and cut costs.