Who Uses Our Services:
Hospitals and Nursing
Commercial Properties
Government Agencies
Office Buildings
Rehabilitation Centers
Auditing and Analysis Of All Utilities Including:
Elevator Service Agreements, Billings & Modernization
Wireless Phone Service
Trash Collection
LED Light Retrofitting
All Vendor Service Agreements
Credit Card Processing
Security Services
Finance and Insurance
Let our team of seasoned cost reduction consultants give your business a personalized utitlity audit and help your company save!
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Cost Reduction Consultants

ECS Business Services are cost reduction consultants that work to save our clients in their monthly fixed expenditures. Our staff of experts analyze these expenditures and find opportunities for cost reduction as well as over-billing, unnecessary billing, incorrect rates/tariffs, accounting errors or redundancies and a variety of other cost saving opportunities.

Electric, Telecom, Utility Bill Auditing, Energy, and Insurance Audits

ECS Business Services is a team of management consultants and utility auditors specializing in utility cost reduction, cost containment and vendor service contract optimization, as well as utility bill and service auditing. In this economy, where every penny counts, the ECS team of experts is saving money for businesses across the nation, by analyzing gas, electric, telecom, trash billing, water and sewer and other monthly expenses, and providing cost saving recommendations. ECS is the leader in reducing credit card and payroll processing costs, insurance and trash expenses auditing and utility billing. They also continue to monitor your bills for the life of your contract. Their team of consultants and auditors handles everything, subject to your approval! If ECS cannot save your business money, there is no fee! That is why they say, “You save-ECS works.”

No Up-front Costs; No Up-front Fees

Our contingency-fee services offer businesses a risk-free opportunity to save money by reducing their monthly operational costs. We find cost-saving opportunities and we negotiate for our clients to ensure they get the best rates on business services. ECS works to save you money two ways; recovering overcharges and reducing future operating expenses. Contact us for a free no-risk analysis of your utility bills.
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Utility Case Studies

Water and Sewer Case Study
Electricity Case Study
Delmar Gardens
With 26 locations and a lot to keep track of, we had tried to find savings in our utilities on prior occasions without achieving success. When ECS reached out to us presenting their contingency model, we took advantage of this no risk, no obligation option...
Howard M. Oppenheimer
Our Advantage
"ECS offers an industry first: "Money Back Guarantee".
In the unlikely event you lose money on any of our cost savings strategies, we will write YOU a check.
That's right! ECS assumes all the risk of our review and recommendations.
No other firm has this guarantee. You can never lose money with ECS. Never!"
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