Save you MONEY without sacrificing service. Our model is a risk free proposition to you. Our compensation is a share of the savings we identify for you. These savings are realized by us implementing cost-effective solutions and cost-recovery measures for you.


Save you TIME without increasing your payroll. We augment the efforts of your existing staff without you adding payroll costs.


Help you benefit from our KNOWLEDGE and experience. As the largest independent telecom consulting company in North America, with offices coast to coast, we have extensive research and analysis capabilities. With access to a growing network of telecom professionals, our expertise is second-to-none.


Help you gain a sense of SECURITY through our objectivity. We are completely objective in assessing your current and future telecom needs, with no ties to any service provider; so you can be confident you are getting the best advice to help you make the right decision.


    Utilities Auditing

    ECS Business Services is a team of management consultants and utility auditors specializing in utility cost reduction, cost containment and vendor service contract optimization, as well as utility bill and service auditing. In this economy, where every penny counts, the ECS team of experts is saving money for businesses across the nation, by analysing gas, electric, telecom, trash billing, water and sewer and other monthly expenses, and providing cost saving recommendations.

    Cost Reduction Consultants

    ECS Business Services are cost reduction consultants that work to save our clients in their monthly fixed expenditures. Our staff of experts analyze these expenditures and find opportunities for cost reduction as well as over-billing, unnecessary billing, incorrect rates/tariffs, accounting errors or redundancies and a variety of other cost saving opportunities.

    No Up-front Costs or Fees

    Our contingency-fee services offer businesses a risk-free opportunity to save money by reducing their monthly operational costs. We find cost-saving opportunities and we negotiate for our clients to ensure they get the best rates on business services. ECS works to save you money two ways; recovering overcharges and reducing future operating expenses. Contact us for a free no-risk analysis of your utility bills.

    Who Uses Our Services:

    Utilities Auditing and Analysis

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