Texas Woman Hit With $1.3 Million-Plus Electric Bill

We all dread opening an electric bill, especially when air-conditioning drives up costs and maxes out a family budget.

But Kristin Harriger\’s recent electric bill was beyond shocking. Rather than a bill for $100 or so that the single mom from Abilene, Texas, was expecting, she was billed for $1,381,783.92,according to the Business Insider.

\”I opened it. I read it. Then just went, \’Oh, my gosh. That\’s a lot of money,\” Harriger told the Abilene Reporter News.

She thought it was a joke at first, and even shared photos of the bill with her friends. After contacting her utility company, Potentia Energy, she discovered it wasn\’t a joke, but a computing error. Rather than charging her the normal 9 cents per-kilowatt-hour rate, the utility charged her $1,000 per kilowatt hour.

\”I\’m glad I didn\’t have autopayments,\” Harriger told the Business Insider.

The utility company acknowledged the mistake and has told Harriger that a corrected bill would be sent to her.

In the meantime, she has set aside $150 to pay the bill when it comes.

\”I work on a budget,\” she told the Business Insider. \”I\’m a single mom with an autistic child who tries to make ends meet. … I get my bills and I pay them.\”

Just not ones for over $1.3 million.

Source: Yahoo News

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