New Green Building System Promotes Affordable Housing

The three-bedroom home at 4620 NE 18th Ave. in Pompano Beach doesn’t look like your typical Florida abode.

Built with a new energy-efficient structural foam assembly, the home has a flat roof and unique window placements.

The developer, Boca Raton-based Capital Group Enterprises, insists the Innova Eco Building System meets South Florida building codes and is resistant to mold, fire, bugs and hurricanes.


“It doesn’t cost more than regular construction, and it’s nicer quality,” said Mario Caprini, CEO of Capital Group.


It’s one of seven homes Capital Group is building in Pompano Beach as part of a city program to revitalize neighborhoods and promote affordable housing. The land was donated by another developer.

The city hired Capital Group to build the home and is in the process of selling it for the appraised value of $310,000, said Mark Korman, program compliance manager for the city’s Office of Housing and Urban Improvement.

Grant funding will help an eligible buyer qualify for a mortgage, Korman said. Caprini said his company hopes to use the Innova system to build more homes in South Florida, including Miami and West Palm Beach.

Walter Syrek, vice president of the Pompano Beach Highlands Civic Improvement Association, said the new homes are vital to resuscitating an area hit hard by the last decade’s housing bust.


“The home is visually striking, and even the average person passing by will stop and say, ‘Hey, something unique and interesting is going on here,’” Syrek said. “We want these new houses to be very prominent so people can see it as an indicator of the direction we want to go in.”


Source: SunSentinel

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