Miami Tower Upgrades Exterior Lighting, Reduces Energy Usage By 92%

Miami Tower, an iconic symbol of Miami\’s CBD, makes a dramatic new statement in the downtown skyline with the recent adoption of a state-of-the-art exterior LED lighting system.

The advanced LED system will reduce related lighting energy usage by 92 percent, save tenants and the building’s owner more than $260,000 per year in energy and related operating costs, and reduce CO2 emissions by more than 1.2 million pounds. The cutting-edge LED lighting will also allow custom light shows at the push of a button in support of tenants, holidays, civic and charitable groups, and other organizations looking to promote or commemorate special events, further cementing the building’s status as an icon on the Miami skyline.

The team of Jones Lang LaSalle, Philips Color Kinetics and LED Source identified the optimal LED lighting solution based on long-term operational savings and the fact that it reflected the commitment to advanced technology by LaSalle Investment Management, the building’s owner.

“This significant upgrade is just one of several projects planned at Miami Tower,” said Ty Spearing, managing director at LaSalle Investment Management.  “Miami Tower has always been an iconic, easy-access downtown tower.  Our goal is to re-establish Miami Tower as a leader in technology, architecture and design, environmental sustainability, and on-site amenities; all of which Miami’s top tenants demand.”

The installation team replaced 382 metal halide lights that consumed 1,000 watts each and were limited to only a few static colors, with 216 ultra-modern LED fixtures able to produce 16 million colors and hundreds of dynamic lighting effects. The system is managed by a software application that allows operators to change the tower lighting at a keystroke and virtually in real-time.

“Adopting the latest in building technologies is key to achieving greater energy efficiency, reducing our environmental footprint, and reinforcing Miami Tower’s position as the premier building on Miami’s skyline,” said Jones Lang LaSalle’s Tom Matese, general manager of Miami Tower.  “The new lighting system will also allow us to reflect our civic pride and celebrate events of importance to the community with customized light shows.”

Jeff Cassis, general manager of Philips Color Kinetics, added: “LED technology has reached a tipping point where we can achieve better light intensity than traditional lighting technologies, yet unlike traditional lighting systems, we can work with the very tight space constraints and steep angles required to light a building. In addition, because LED is inherently more controllable than other technologies, we have the ability to create fascinating effects with it. We can also better focus LED light on the building’s facade, minimizing light spill while at the same time respecting the neighbors and night sky.”

The exterior lighting retrofit is the most prominent element of a broader initiative to reduce energy and water usage and to follow sustainable management practices at Miami Tower.

“With the new LED lighting solution in place, Miami Tower may be the most advanced exterior lighting system in the world,” said Gavin Cooper, vice president of LED Source. “We’ve not only revived the building, but have changed the Miami skyline forever.”

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