Hotel Trends Embracing Efficiency And Technology

Trends that are increasingly garnering attention may soon become a standard demand from hotel guests.

Following are some of the hotel trends that are making their presence felt across the globe:

1. More Emphasis on Hotel “Lobbying”

Perhaps, hotels are realizing that merely having a decorated lobby isn’t sufficient to gain customer loyalty or guests are seeking more, inside-the-hotel time—either way, the hotel lobby is fast making a comeback as an important section of the hotel environment. Mobile recharging consoles are on the rise.

Vibrantly-colored interiors along with free access for checking emails are also being offered.While bigger hotels can afford to offer docking stations for iPhones too, smaller hotels are attempting to ensure that eat-as-you-move kind of snacks/drinks is offered in their lobbies.

2.Mobile-Enabled Frontdesk Management

Yes, just like an enthusiastic traveler, many hotel-owners and property managers need to move about too. This includes searching for better vendors, checking-out new locations, attending industry seminars, finalizing deals with travel agents or supervising their marketing efforts.

The point is that such people were feeling restricted by Hotel Management Software that didn’t allow outside-the-premises connectivity with their business.This problem seems to have caught the attention of progressive, Hotel Software System providers.

For instance, Hotelogix has just gone mobile. In the form of its Hotelogix 2.0 offering, Hotelogix is accessible via mobile/smartphones/iPad, ensuring that you are always connected to your business.

This also suggests another, arising trend in the hospitality business though it is removed from the hotel-stay aspect, i.e. arrival of more robust Hotel Property Management Systems that maximize ROI and offer a bigger range of features.

3. Welcome to the Age of Pump Dispensers

Pump dispensers in bathrooms might not be the best news for folks who like those tiny, carry-away bottles of hair conditioners, lotions and shampoos. For hotel-owners, the growing trend of pump dispensers essentially means less expenditure and manpower for replacements/refills. Guests are also likely to waste less with dispensers.

While some guests might love the neatly-wrapped soaps on the countertop that lends a personalized touch to your service, others are sure to love more eco-friendly touches.

4. Electronic Check-ins

It seems that the era of Smarter (Electronic) Check-Ins is upon us. However, this feature is presently restricted to hotels with bigger, fatter pockets. Most of them are offering it as a part of “Preferred Guest” services. Some people like this for the niche treatment they get rather than the ease of checking-in that is supposed to be the actual feature.

So, what is an Electronic Check-in? Guests registered as Preferred/Privileged customers are sent keycards equipped with the latest of identification technology that uses radio frequencies. On the day of guest’s confirmed arrival, a text message is relayed to his mobile device, carrying basic details like room number, timing, etc. Upon his actual arrival, the guest doesn’t need to confirm his stay at the Frontdesk. He simply moves to his room and uses the key-card.

Most of these hospitality sector trends are rather encouraging for hoteliers. Further, the booking/reservations volumes are on-the-rise despite the negativity emanating from the Euro crisis. With increased reservations and more business intelligence technologies, the hospitality industry\’s trends toward efficiency are sure to be noticed and embraced.


Source:  Hotelogix

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