ECS Is Now Offering Utility Savings Model As A Unique Business Opportunity

Are you looking for a great opportunity to start your own business?

Are you organized and driven to succeed?

Ready to change your life and make a better future?

The ECS Business Model may be perfect for you. Ideal licensees are entrepreneurs, military veterans, and those seeking a successful business and financial security.

The ECS Business Model is a proven utility bill auditing system in which licensees share in their clients\’ savings. This model can be used to create your own business or as an additional service to current clients.

Check out our short overview film here (only 0:41 seconds!).


Earn $100,000 or More In 24 Months or Less


Millions of Potential Clients – Endless Opportunity


Great Business Opportunity for Veterans

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The Opportunity

Learn how quickly you can generate a six figure income using this proven business model. Generate income in as little as 3 months.


The Process

Learn how to obtain a license for the ECS Business Model. You can earn $100,000 or more in 24 months or less.


License vs. Franchise

An ECS license offers more freedom than a franchise. Learn about reasons why an ECS license is better than a franchise.


Take Charge of Your Life. Your Future Awaits.


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About ECS Business Services

ECS Business Services is the company standing behind this proven business model. In operation since 1994, ECS has been helping businesses nationwide to reduce their utility expenses, often by thousands of dollars per month. ECS has repeatedly recovered refunds, for over-billing and other errors, with some refunds over $200,000. The ECS Business Model will teach you how to help companies save money, while you share in their savings.

For less than the cost of a college degree, this proven business model can provide you with earnings potential in the six-figures. ECS will teach you to use our proven system to achieve financial success.

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