Do You Know How Much Your Association Received From Cable Contracts?

Over the past few years, many HOAs have tried to move from an every man for himself approach with cable companies to one-size fits all style.

This works for some homeowners, as it makes their overall cable bill much lower, and also makes it that much more convenient by bundling it with the monthly payment they normally make to their HOA.

In some cases, however, individual owners have wondered why they have to pay for a share of the bill, even if they are not able to take advantage of the cable service. In other cases, it has been nearly impossible for HOAs to lower their bulk bill and remove service for individual homeowners who have decided to stop paying their monthly assessments altogether.

Cable contracts, when properly negotiated, can mean substantial gifts to associations.  Some get as much as $600,000, some $125,000, some over a million dollars. Rather large variances.

Do you have any idea how much YOUR association receives?  Leave us a comment below.


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