Citizens Under Fire After Rejecting 90,000 Mitigation Discount Reports

Florida’s state-backed insurer Citizens Property Insurance is accused of rejecting approximately two-fifths, or 90,000, of the mitigation discount reports filed by their own inspectors, costing customers nearly $50 million, a study of some 225,000 inspection records by the Palm Beach Post showed.

The majority of the rejections are due to cosmetic issues with reports — such as them being incomplete, having poor photo quality, or wrong or duplicate photos — and had little bearing on the actual improvements made to homes.

“I quit because of what I considered to be unethical practices,” an anonymous Citizens’ inspector told the Palm Beach Post. “I don’t think it’s the inspectors’ fault on this. Inspectors are being told how to inspect it.”

The scandal comes as public outcry mounts against Citizens’ plan to increase premiums by over $137 million.


Source:  The Real Deal

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